Boston childrens hospital radiology

Boston childrens hospital radiology

Children’s hospital radiology department

Waltham, Massachusetts is the site of the project. Steffian Bradley Architects is the firm in charge of the design. Robert Benson Photography is responsible for this picture. The interior design is informed by a nature theme to create a relaxing, soothing atmosphere. The earth tones in the Imaging Suite evoke a “forest” setting. Structured columns appear as tree trunks reaching up to the clouds above in the reception and waiting areas, and elliptical ceiling panels indicate a scattering of leaves overhead. Responsibilities and Roles: As part of a broader Master Plan, I was part of the design team for a Radiology Suite.

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Tufts Children’s Hospital’s Pediatric Radiology at Tufts Medical Center offers a wide range of imaging services for children.

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Thousands of imaging exams are performed each year by our committed physicians and technologists, who work with children every day. We see a lot of kids, but we never lose sight of the fact that each one is special. Our expertise in pediatric radiology allows us to obtain the most accurate images for diagnosing and treating your child’s disease.
Each procedure starts with a discussion with your imaging technologist, who will explain the procedure to you and assist you in answering any questions you might have. Following the procedure, a pediatric radiologist will review the images and provide the referring doctor with a comprehensive report. Here at Tufts Medical Center, we collaborate closely with the prescribing physician and, when appropriate, with other specialists. This collaborative approach is essential for determining a quick and accurate diagnosis for your child’s condition.

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PET/MR imaging is a combined imaging system that incorporates MR imaging’s high soft tissue resolution with PET’s quantitative data into a single system. It’s a relatively new imaging technique, but it has clinical potential in pediatric oncologic and nononcologic processes, as well as a research role. It is particularly useful in pediatric patients because it emits less radiation than PET/CT and allows for exquisite functional and anatomic imaging in a single imaging session, minimizing the amount of anesthesia/sedations. The current and potential applications of PET/MR imaging in pediatric imaging, for both oncologic and nononcologic indications, are the subject of this review article.

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At Boston Children’s Hospital and our satellite clinics in Lexington, North Dartmouth, Peabody, Waltham, and Weymouth, the Department of Pediatric Radiology offers a wide range of imaging services for newborns, babies, children, teens, young adults, and pregnant women.

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Every year, our professional radiology team performs over 200,000 imaging experiments, using the most up-to-date equipment and techniques that are specifically developed or modified for use with children.
The pioneering spirit of creativity and innovation that pushes us to think differently, find solutions, and create a better future for children everywhere is only balanced by our dedication and compassion for all children and families.