Blouins art sales index

Blouins art sales index

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Louise Blouin Media is a New York City-based art magazine and book publisher. It publishes the magazines Art+Auction, Gallery Guide, and Modern Painters, and was founded by Louise Blouin[1]. It owns the French art book publisher Somogy [fr], as well as the directories Art Sales Index and Gordon’s. [2] Artinfo.com was created in 2005 and has since been replaced by blouinartinfo.com, which is no longer operating.
Louise Blouin founded LTB Holding Ltd. in 2001.
[three] In 2003, Louise Blouin Media was created. [number four] In 2005[2][5], a website called artinfo.com was launched, which was later renamed blouinartinfo.com. Australia, Canada, China, Germany, Hong Kong, Brazil, India, Russia, and the United Kingdom all have regional editions. [number six] [7] The company purchased the databases Art Sales Index and Gordon’s, as well as the French art book publisher Somogy [fr], and acquired or began the magazine titles Art & Auction, Gallery Guide, Museums, Culture+Travel, and Modern Painters. [two]

Blouin art sales index

The specifics of sales are documented in fine art auction sales indexes. These may provide an estimate of a work’s monetary value at a given point in time. However, as in any auction, there is no guarantee that identical works by the same artist would sell for the same price.
While there are no comprehensive indexes to auction catalogues, the indexes listed below will help you find items in auction catalogues. These indexes often do not contain products that have been advertised for sale but have not sold.
The generic catalogue record may be used to order specific dates, but certain catalogues can also be identified by the auction’s title. For example, the late Lord Carmichael of Skirling’s collection catalogue or Sir Joseph Robinson’s collection catalogue of highly valuable Old Master and British paintings
From 1734 to 1980, the Library has a microfilm collection of 21,000 Sotheby’s catalogues. Look at the Art Library’s written indexes to see what’s in this set. These will display which catalogs are on which reels of film. Reels from storage can be ordered and displayed in the Library. Microfilm printing and uploading are both possible.

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Auction records for that particular artist can be helpful when determining the value of your artwork.
Most websites charge a fee to access their price databases and auction records, but they also offer free information.
And if you can’t see the prices that those works realized, you can find out if your artist has any auction history.
Artist profiles, photographs, literature references, biographies, auction records, art for sale and art wanted, essays on important art trends, and market statistics are all available via askART. Countless auction documents and results (dating back to 1987). There are over 300,000 musicians in the country.
A searchable database of artwork pricing and valuation information in any medium. Photos of artists’ monograms and signatures are also included. Basic searching is free, but complete knowledge requires a fee.

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The results for the works offered at a given auction are usually released on a serious auction house’s website either immediately or after a short delay. The findings are available for free. The following should be given special attention:
Several internet-based companies have supplanted conventional print resources that, for some, have monopolized the majority of knowledge in the visual arts and, more importantly, the art market, for over a century. Consider Gordon’s, Davenport’s, and Hislop’s Art Sales Indexes on a global scale (Blouin Art Sales Index since 2007). Bénézit (first published in 1911) was the primary source for biographies of artists. Westbridge has been publishing the Canadian Art Sales Index since 1977!