Blast mask vs elevation mask

Blast mask vs elevation mask

Introducing the blastmask gen 2 training regulator!

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Bell county walks back mask mandate

SelfI saw this guy in the gym wearing a training mask a couple of days ago and wondered if that would be a better choice than buying a face piece and a blast mask (I am not a firefighter yet, so I don’t have access to a face piece). What are your opinions on this? If you’re not sure what I’m talking about, here’s a connection to the training mask I’m referring to. commentssharesavehidereport75 percent UpvotedThis thread has been archived https://www.amazon.ca/Training-Mask-2-0/dp/B00E7T8DOA17 commentssharesavehidereportThis thread has been archived https://www.amazon.ca/Training-Mask-2-0/dp/B00E7T8DOA17 commentssharesavehidereport There are no new comments or votes that can be made. Sort by the strongest.

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Stress, overexertion, and a general lack of health are responsible for more than 50% of line-of-duty fatalities and 30% of firefighter injuries. BlastMask allows you to do a variety of training and fitness exercises (both with and without SCBA packs) to improve your tactical readiness. As your comfort level with the equipment grows, so does your trust and efficiency. For firefighter training, physical skill assessment, and orientation, BlastMask is an important and ideal method.
BlaskMask has a beneficial effect on your finances and services. Fitness campaigns in the fire service have resulted in a 28 percent reduction in missed workdays. Furthermore, every dollar expended on uniformed personnel health generates over two dollars in lost productivity due to workplace injuries and illnesses. BlastMask also removes the need for manpower and time to refill SCBA bottles, freeing up money for real emergencies. It also reduces the amount of wear and tear on costly SCBA regulators.
An SCBA regulator and pack weight reduce VO2 max (maximal oxygen consumption) by 14.9 percent in the line of duty – largely due to the regulator. Additionally, the regulator reduces peak power production and SPO2 (oxyhemoglobin saturation). VO2 MAX, PEAK POWER OUTPUT, AND SPO2 ARE NOT Decreased BY TRAINING IN A FACEPIECE AND PACK ALONE.

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A wearable training mask with variable inhalation resistance settings and a depth defining and air impermeable both) having an external surface and an internal surface with a perimeter expanding seal that is tailored to overlay a wearer’s mouth and nose. A number of air admittance valve subassemblies are given and installed in various positions across the body. Each of the valve subassemblies has several resistance settings for controlling the amount of air flow into the tie mask in response to the wearer’s inhalation. Straps extending from said body attach to the wearer’s head with interlocking ends.
a plurality of air admittance valve subassemblies integrated into locations along said body, each of said valve subassemblies having several resistance settings for affecting a degree of air flow I a depth defining and air impermeable body having an exterior surface and an interior surface exhibiting a perimeter extending seal so that said body is adapted to overlay a wearer’s mouth and nose; a plurality of air admittance valve subassemblies