Best classes at umass amherst

Best classes at umass amherst


At the University of Massachusetts Amherst, are you looking for some simple classes? You’ve arrived at the right place. While UMass Amherst offers a wide range of courses, only a few are GPA boosters. Here is a list of 10 of the easiest classes at UMass Amherst.
We will look at the power and limits of scientific inquiry in this course. We’ll look at some of astronomy’s most fundamental questions and see if the physical sciences can help us answer them.
This is a simple online course offered by UMass Amherst. Exams will be conducted in class. This course examines advertising from the perspective of social theory, i.e., how we can comprehend advertising’s broad political, economic, social, and cultural presence in contemporary society.
This is a foundational course in philosophy. It is, in particular, an introduction to some of the major problems that have preoccupied humans for thousands of years, as well as an introduction to a distinct way of thinking about these and other issues: a way of thinking that emphasizes the rigorous presentation and evaluation of arguments.

Easy classes at umass amherst

This was by far the most fascinating college course I’ve ever taken. The professor started the class by blasting Kanye West music and then assisting us in analyzing the song’s structure and brilliance. This is the class for you if you like laughing while studying. Since the professor was the funniest guy alive, the lectures were basically educational stand-up comedy routines. The best part was getting $5 tickets to amazing shows at the Fine Arts Center, which we were able to evaluate for a grade.
This class is required for anyone interested in starting a business, public speaking, or being a better person. The professor is the owner of Bueno y Sano, a local burrito chain, and is probably the nicest guy on the planet. Every Tuesday after class, the students and professor go to High Horse for drinks and appetizers. He invites students to come pitch their ideas to him for input or just to have a good time! Despite the fact that the class is called “Entrepreneurship,” students learn more about leadership and compassion.

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I’m currently enrolled in this class to satisfy my R1 and R2 math requirements. I’ve never been particularly good at math, but to my surprise, I’m doing very well. Brian Burrell, my lecturer, and Sixtus Dakurah, my discussion teacher, both do an excellent job of ensuring that everyone knows what is going on. I would recommend this class to someone who isn’t particularly fond of math but wants to earn credits in the subject. The material is well-taught, and the class is fairly easy. The teachers are all eager to assist you if you need assistance.
This was the first semester of my freshman year, and I took it to fulfill an introductory communication requirement for communication majors. Professor Donal Carbaugh was my teacher. He came to class eager to teach us and was enthusiastic about each lesson. Even if you can’t take the class with Carbaugh, you should always take it because the content is fascinating. I would recommend taking Comm 118 if you want to learn about how we interact with people on a basic level, including ideas and case studies from various cultures.

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About: The University of Massachusetts Amherst’s Isenberg Online MBA is ideal for those who want to make a bigger difference on their business without taking time off to complete a full-time program. Isenberg’s Online MBA program offers world-class learning customized to your schedule and timetable by combining the high-quality curriculum of the On-campus MBA program with the convenience of the online platform.
Isenberg was one of the first schools to establish a high-quality Online MBA program, and it continues to set the benchmark as one of the largest such programs to achieve top national and international rankings such as:
Options: Students may choose to complete the program 100 percent online or for those in the Massachusetts area, the option to take classes online and in-person at one of our three satellite locations: Springfield, Shrewsbury, and Boston.
The same accomplished faculty who teach our onsite classes deliver our curriculum, which instills quantitative skills and business acumen. The Isenberg Online MBA is a 37-credit program (39 credits without prior business coursework). Any Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer, core courses are available online. We have focus areas in Business Analytics, Entrepreneurship, Finance, Health Care Administration, Marketing, and Sport Management if you want to specialize in one of these areas.