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Best buddies learning center

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We understand the difference between a large-scale daycare activity and a small, informal, and immersive North Canton daycare culture at Best Buddies Daycare. We definitely fall into the above category, with fewer children per division than our competitors, an atmosphere tailored to our children’s needs, and a flexible schedule that isn’t bound by a national company directive.
Best Buddies Daycare, a small business in North Canton, has only ever had one goal: to ensure that the children in our community are prepared for the journey ahead. To meet this formidable challenge, we’ve built a daycare and preschool center, as well as a team that is light years ahead of the competition.
Every step of the way, your child will benefit from our all-encompassing approach to daycare and preschool, which combines conventional learning with social interaction, physical playtime, and personal growth.

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Best Buddies Learning Center II is a center that offers day care to children of all ages. Children who receive high-quality early education and child care at Rosedale’s Best Buddies Learning Center II reap long-term benefits. As they reach kindergarten, they have improved math, language, and social skills, and as they grow older in Baltimore County, Maryland, they can need less special education and succeed more in school. This day care is located in Rosedale, Maryland, in the county of Baltimore. Several research studies have discovered that high-quality child/day care centers, particularly in the Rosedale area, share certain characteristics.

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Barbie was told repeatedly during her childhood that it was her God-given gift to care for children, long before she knew this to be true.
Barbie received a Certificate of Merit in Early Childhood Education from North Harford High School in 2003. She married her husband, Rob, and heard about the opportunity to work as a day care provider when their first son was only one year old.
Barbie opened her first Day Care in 2009 and soon realized it was the best career move she’d ever make! She earned her level three credential from the Maryland State Credentialing Agency, became a Maryland Child/Adult Food Program participant, and earned her degree in Early Childhood Education! Over all, Barbie enjoys collaborating with parents and assisting in the creation of a team effort to fulfill the individual child’s needs and goals. She has also worked with children who have experienced traumatic events such as the death of a loved one or the divorce of their parents. Barbie also attends Mountain Christian Church in Joppa on a regular basis, where she volunteers in the two-year-old nursery when needed. Barbie loves taking photographs of children and sharing them with their friends, in addition to caring for them.