Best bars in boston for college students

Best bars in boston for college students

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The New England Patriots have made nine Super Bowl appearances and won six championships since Tom Brady took over as quarterback in the fall of 2001. The team has won more Super Bowls (11) than any other and is one of the most competitive in major American sports history.
But all good things must come to an end, and the Patriots’ dynasty seems to be coming to an end — Brady and his team were eliminated from the playoffs in the first round this season. In 2020, there will be no Super Bowl championship parade through Boston’s streets.
Don’t be concerned: The city’s other three big sports franchises aren’t bad either: The Celtics have won the most NBA titles (17), and they are looking like the real deal in the Eastern Conference this season; the Bruins have appeared in three Stanley Cup Finals in the last decade (winning it in 2011), and they currently have the NHL’s best goal scorer; and the Red Sox have won four World Series since 2004, making them the most prolific baseball team of the new millennium. There’s an explanation why, even if it’s grudgingly, everyone refers to Boston as “Title Town.” (Which is exactly what they do.)

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College is an exciting time in one’s life! There’s independence, new friends, new experiences, and a lot of drinking, on top of all the learning. Boston has a large number of college bars where the under-21 crowd congregates. These are bars that cater to students’ tight budgets by offering low-cost beers and well drinks, as well as the occasional meal deal or promotion. Here are the best college bars in Boston if you want to have a wild night out until the wee hours of the morning surrounded by youthful energy. Check out the best cheap eats in Boston and Boston’s best late night dining choices for more college-friendly options. Are you looking for something a little more refined? The best cocktail bars in Boston will help you out.
Whiskey’s is a popular dining, drinking, and socializing spot on Boylston Street.
The full-service establishment features a full bar menu, a large selection of beers on tap, and more. The menu is just as extensive, with house specialties such as crispy cheesesteak eggrolls and buffalo wings among the offerings. Whiskey’s has a lot of TVs, so it’s a great place to eat and watch a game at the same time.

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It’s no secret that many college students struggle financially, spending the majority of their days on the verge of overdrawing their accounts. As a result, where can a frugal, thirsty college student go to forget about exam stress or blow off steam after finals? The response is clear and predictable: any bar that hosts a college night. Fortunately for them, many bars in the greater Boston area host college nights, where drink specials and prizes abound in order to attract as many thirsty collegiate styles as possible. Here are only a few of the choices available to those looking for a cheap night out.

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Are you a college student in Boston looking for a fun night out? College is a great time in one’s life. In addition to all the studying, there’s freedom, new friends, new experiences, and plenty of drinking. In Boston, there is a good range of college bars where the under-21 crowd congregates. These are bars that appeal to students’ limited budgets, offering low-cost beers and quality drinks, as well as the occasional meal or special offer. Here are the best Boston college bars if you want to have a wild night surrounded by young people until the early hours of the morning.
The Tavern in the Square is in the heart of Boston, directly across from TD Garden. Tavern in the Square, also known as T.I.T.S, is a popular hangout for college students. T.I.T.S is open until 2 a.m. on weekends and serves a variety of cocktails and beers on tap. T.I.T.S serves as both a sports bar and a nightclub, with one long bar with stools on one side and a large dance floor on the other. T.I.T.S has a vibrant and thrilling atmosphere. You can order a bucket of alcohol at the bar and get a lot more alcohol for a little more money, or you can order a few beers and relax. The Tavern in the Square is the place to be if you enjoy dancing, listening to music, and drinking a bucket of drinks!