Best american healthcare university

Best american healthcare university

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I came across this online and in-person school that offers a wide range of courses. I’m looking at their online acute care class in particular: Acute Care CNA Certification from the Best American Healthcare University Even though I already have my CNA, many hospital positions in my town need “CNA Acute Care Training.” None of the schools in my immediate vicinity (we have a major university, a community college, and a technical school) provide that sort of course. Many of these activities are at least a 30-minute drive away. This online course includes acute care experience, as well as an EKG and patient care software certification. Is there someone who is familiar with the course and/or school? Thank you so much!
Thank you for your comments. I was getting some suspicious vibes from it, so I decided to inquire to see if anyone had completed their program. I did some research and discovered that the closest thing to “acute care CNA school” is a 6-week hospital clinical program, which is 2 hours away. After doing some research, I discovered that ATI provides a study packet for the state EKG tech certification. By much less expensive than the class.

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Unlike conventional Medical Assisting college, Best American Healthcare University has been offering an online medical assistant certification program for the past ten years. Many people were doubtful at first about the feasibility of online physician assistant certification training. The organization overcame this skepticism by requiring graduates to complete their clinical hours in clinics, urgent care centers, and hospitals. After passing their national qualification tests, graduates were quickly integrated into reputable healthcare facilities as qualified clinical medical assistants, certified medical administrative assistants, and certified EKG technicians after completing the theoretical training and clinical hours criteria.
“Register with confidence and enroll in a nationally accredited curriculum that is also affordable. You will earn three certifications (Electrocardiogram Technician, Medical Administrative, and Clinical Medical Assistant) in just 11 months without taking out a loan!

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If you want to pursue a career as a healthcare professional and represent the public as a licensed nursing assistant, Best American Healthcare University will help. It offers CNA classes on weekdays and weekends not only in Riverside, but also in Ontario and Palm Springs. It provides CNA training as a stand-alone course or as part of a package with other courses such as CNA + Basic Acute Care + Home Health Aide, CNA + Full Acute Care, or CNA + Basic/Full EKG Technician. Each program will cost you accordingly; for example, a CNA only course will cost you about $2150, which includes expenses such as the State Exam Fee, Reference Books, and Uniform.
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Riverside School of Career Education
The Nursing Services and Support Occupations Course at Riverside School of Career Education prepares students to take the California State Competency Exam, which is mandatory to become a CNA.
The key skills that students who participate in the course will be taught are recording vital signs, communication and assessment of patients, as well as other everyday tasks such as hygiene care, feeding, and helping the convalescent with walking and exercise.
There are certain basic eligibility criteria that must be met in order for the student to be considered for the course. To see the prerequisites, go to the link below.

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Riverside is a beautiful city in Southern California with plenty of sunshine and blue skies. It has a pleasant environment all year and a lot to sell. Working as a Certified Nursing Assistant in Riverside is advantageous because it allows you to work flexible hours and spend the rest of your time enjoying the amazing area.
CNAs will enroll in a three-month program at Glen Oaks College. Patient rights, patient care protocols, body mechanics, vital signs, and weight and measurements are among the subjects covered at the school. A GED, high school diploma, or equivalent is required of all applicants.
Just Harmony Nursing Services is a non-profit organization that provides a variety of allied health programs, including nursing assistant instruction. During classroom and on-the-job instruction, students can learn basic nursing skills. The school’s website has more information on scholarships and grants.
The CNA program at Best American Healthcare University is designed to accommodate a variety of busy schedules. Students must pass a background check and submit proof of current vaccines, as well as have a high school diploma or GED equivalent. For updates on scholarships and grants, students may contact the financial aid office.