Bay farm montessori academy

Bay farm montessori academy

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The new 10,000 square foot Children’s House building at Bay Farm Montessori Academy in Duxbury, MA was designed by Callahan/Hoffman. The building had undergone a massive fire, which resulted in the middle section of the structure being demolished. While plans were being made, we immediately secured the site and started selective demolition. Since the BFMA was working on a master plan, they hired an architect to start construction drawings for the new Children’s House. During the estimation process, Callahan/Hoffman discovered that changing the building’s construction from structural steel to a wood framed structure might save the company over $250,000 in value engineering. We collaborated with the architect and school staff to integrate the Montessori theory and the teachers’ programmatic needs. We worked closely with BFMA to evaluate everything from mechanical systems to finish selection in order to make the most of every dollar.
The Children’s House project was located in the heart of campus, surrounded on all sides by the main driveway, the Performing Arts building, the Administration building, and the lower level playground. The creation of a safety program that preserved campus flow, integrated the construction into the curriculum, and provided absolute safety was given careful consideration. We successfully built safety fences with dedicated viewing areas and rerouted vehicle and pedestrian traffic, and we are proud to report that no accidents occurred during this or any of our projects.

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Photo #2: Bay Farm Montessori Academy is proud to provide Enrichment Programs that encourage our students to engage in educational and recreational activities outside of the classroom.
Bay Farm Montessori Academy Photo #5 – The Shop is a collaborative, stimulating atmosphere where Bay Farm students put their learning and ideas to life, and develop the skills and motivation to go out and solve an issue, no matter what it is.
Photo #6: Bay Farm Montessori Academy is healthy, smart, and sure. As we have in-person instruction, the health and wellbeing of everyone in our group is our highest priority. Students will take advantage of outdoor classrooms on our 9-acre campus.
Our Middle School students (grades 7-8) spend a semester at Duxbury Bay Maritime School, where they participate in weekly sailing lessons, kayaking, paddle boarding, and marine biology lessons.
Photo #8: Bay Farm Montessori Academy’s ELI (grades 1-3) and ELII (grades 4-6) classes enable students to spend three years in the same classroom. This is beneficial to the child’s overall growth, and it enables the entire program to be viewed in two ways: as a three-year period or as a three-year cycle.

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Bay farm at home | conrad’ morning greeting

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Until recently, it was still a wonderful place to work. The day began with children arriving at 8:30 a.m. The classroom will be set up so that the students could pick materials from the shelves on their own. The majority of the kids left by midday, but those who remained had lunch and then napped. Most of my colleagues were nice to work with, but after 18 years in the same position, I’ve met and/or worked with a wide variety of people. The day I quit was the most difficult part of my career. The children were always the focus. On August 21, 2019, a teacher in Duxbury, MA1.0 Workplace culture is an issue. Many of the staff are unprofessional and gossip. If you choose to stay out of it, you will be left out and will miss out on valuable information that is only exchanged by gossip.

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The Bay Farm Montessori Academy is a coeducational, independent day school that serves children aged 1 to 12. In addition, the academy includes pre- and after-school treatment as well as a range of extracurricular activities. Mathematical principles and materials, physical and natural sciences, history, geography, and world cultures are all taught at the Bay Farm Montessori Academy. Full-time specialists have art, music, drama, and dance programs at the academy. The Bay Farm Montessori Academy has a library with a wide variety of books, magazines, CDs, and other materials. Various extracurricular programs, such as story hours, library skills classes, and music and puppet performances, are also arranged by the academy. Inter-school events are organized by the Bay Farm Montessori Academy, such as partnering with the Kids Care Club and the Diversity Task Force.