Bartells walk in clinic

Bartells walk in clinic

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Any medicine you’ll need after you leave the hospital has been prescribed by your doctor. We recommend that you, a family member, or a friend fill the prescription(s) at your usual pharmacy. Your pharmacy will have a record of any other medications you’re taking and will be able to warn you on drug reactions, monitor refills, and provide you with other useful information. Make sure the person picking up your prescriptions has your insurance card and is willing to pay for the prescription and any co-pay fees.

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The move reflects the growing popularity of these clinics, which have same-day appointments and handle minor medical problems, as demand for medical services from previously uninsured patients increases as a result of the Affordable Care Act.
The clinics, which will be called Providence Express Care or Swedish Express Care and will be located in Walgreens stores in the Seattle area, will be owned and operated by Providence. Early next year, three clinics will open in the Seattle area and three in the Portland area.
In a statement, Providence said the collaboration would aim to link the clinics’ often-temporary services with other parts of the health-care system. The clinics would receive health records from the Providence and Swedish systems, allowing for greater knowledge coordination and treatment, according to the organization.
The clinics will be open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Swedish practitioners will work in the first three stores in the Seattle area, which are located in Kirkland, Renton, and Issaquah. Providence workers will serve in Vancouver, Washington, as well as Beaverton and Milwaukie, Oregon.

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In the new community Bartell Drugs at the Snoqualmie Ridge shopping center, the Snoqualmie CareClinic provides walk-in medical care. All aged 2 and up, regardless of insurance, is welcome to visit CareClinic, which is staffed by board certified Kaiser Permanente clinicians.
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I recently teamed up with Kaiser Permanente’s CareClinic at Bartell Drugs to get a checkup for my two-and-a-half-year-old daughter, and all went swimmingly. If you’re a mom, you understand how tough it is to take your child to the doctor. To give you a little insight on what a CareClinic is, it’s a community walk-in health clinic that’s open evenings and weekends at select Bartell Drugs sites. They’re staffed by Kaiser Permanente Washington doctors who can deal with everything ranging from mild illnesses and accidents to regular preventive treatment including vaccines. I chose a spot in downtown Bellevue that is connected to the QFC and is directly across the street from Bellevue Square for the visit. The building of this CareClinic took place a few years ago, and it turned out wonderfully. It’s contemporary, spotless, and centrally located in the neighborhood.
You’ll get an adorable stuffed lion named the Loveable Lion when you check in at the pharmacy counter, which is great if you have small children in your family. It relaxes and comforts them prior to the test. We went to the waiting area after we were settled and a kind clinician from Kaiser Permanente came out to conduct the checkup. After we entered the room, the clinician conducted a thorough examination on the Lovable Lion, testing its pulse from front to back, before moving on to my daughter. It’s amazing how vividly my daughter recalls her past frightening memories of going to the doctor’s office every month for vaccines. Her tears began to flow, but the Lovable Lion and Moana stickers came to her rescue. The clinician’s empathy with small children made me and my daughter Mackenzie feel very at ease during the treatment.