Back to school letter to parents from teacher

Back to school letter to parents from teacher

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Victoria Onodera has over 25 years of classroom and instructional coaching experience as a mentor, trainer, and teacher leader. In Centennial, Colorado, she serves as a K-12 culturally sensitive education instructor, specializing in job-embedded professional learning, such as co-teaching in classrooms.
I’m not surprised when the welcome-back-to-school letter arrives in my inbox. I’ve been in school long enough to be familiar with the routine. In this political atmosphere, however, nothing about this year feels normal. I find myself secretly hoping to read something other than the typical welcome-back letter as a Latina educator and parent. I inhale deeply, open the email, and read the message. I am unhappy. This year, humble brags about recent accomplishments and vague comments about “excellence for all” ring hollow to me, when so many of our families are concerned about their safety. I recall the student who told his teacher that he would not be going to school because his father had recently been deported. He and his family must now leave their home, our district, and our school, leaving behind their community and friends.

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I could never have imagined a school year beginning like this one as a wife, spouse of an educator, and former teacher. We couldn’t do it. We never imagined masks would be used to hide smiles in first-day-of-school pictures. We never imagined that schools would be closed for so long, and that our living rooms would once again be transformed into classrooms.
It’s not easy for all of us, as parents, educators, or children. Without the programs or opportunities that they are used to, many of our children who learn and think differently have suffered. As parents and educators, we need to communicate more than ever. Communication will be critical in ensuring our children’s progress.
We’ve done our best as a family to keep up with our children’s schooling. Our best hasn’t always felt like enough. Or almost enough. Some of our students have been absent from school for up to six months. They’ve been losing out on vital school programs. They’ve been missing their classmates and teachers. They’ve had to deal with complicated racial problems at a time when racism has been in the news.

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You’ll be primed for the first day of school with these pre-made letters. Both of these classroom-tested letters will include the details your new students’ parents need for a successful start to the school year. They can also assist you in the following areas: Management of the classroom 1st – 6th grades Handouts, Classroom Forms, and Parent Information Show more details Add to shopping cart Editable Wish List Sarah Gardner143’s Back to School Parent Welcome Letter 2.50 dollars With these cute little parent letter models, you may introduce yourself to your parents. These are great for Back to School Night or Teacher Appreciation Night. This package includes four different template types as well as a sample parent letter to get you started.

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I’m writing to wish you a warm welcome back to another fantastic school year. I hope your summer has been packed with enjoyable family events while taking advantage of the beautiful weather. How soon summer comes to an end, and our minds turn to school preparations. One of my favorite times of the year is right now! I love the anticipation of a new school year, and I look forward to meeting our students and hearing about their exciting summer adventures. I’m ecstatic to be a part of a community of teachers, administrators, parents, and students who are all striving for greatness! Our teachers, staff, and I are looking forward to a new school year and are working hard to ensure that your child has a good and enjoyable learning experience at Greenport schools.
Your cooperation and support are essential to ensuring that each student’s educational and personal growth is maximized. As a result, we foster a supportive home-school partnership focused on the common objective of ensuring the best possible learning experience for all of our students. Our talented faculty uses a number of teaching methods to accommodate a wide range of student learning styles. At our Back-To-School celebration on Thursday, September 26 at 6:30 p.m., you will have the opportunity to meet the faculty. You will be able to visit your child’s classroom, start building a relationship with the teacher, and learn about the grade level curriculum, specials, classroom technology, and activities.