Aviation o ring cross reference chart

Aviation o ring cross reference chart

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If the object you’re trying to ship is considered hazardous, you might be charged an extra fee when you check out. The Section 14 Transport Information in the item’s Material Safety Data Sheet determines whether it is considered Hazmat (MSDS). Sorry, but items that can go “boom” are difficult to ship, and we must pass our costs on to you.
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Basic component numbers for O-rings seem to shift the most frequently. The charts for the most widely used, or at least the most identifiable component numbers, are available. Many old numbers have been replaced with AS or M/ numbers. When we have the details in our machine or when we have the parts in stock by the older but more common #’s, we can supply any of the later numbers. We have three items listed as links below that you can download. Please note that the MS28775 to AN6227 and 6230 cross reference is included in the “A” sequence sizing map. All later O-rings, regardless of whether they are MS28775 components or not, have the (xxx) dash numbers. So, for all dash numbers except boss sizes, use the “A” sequence table. Refer to map “B” for boss sizes. Check the download page for Specifications and Properties before choosing one.

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O-rings, also known as packing or toric joints, are used to compact two parts together to form a seal at the joint. These o-rings are available in a variety of materials and heat ranges to meet the demands of the aerospace industry. Monroe Aerospace is an o-rings and other Aerospace and Mil-Spec hardware stocking dealer. We have a large supply of o-rings on hand. Every part we sell is in factory new (FN) condition, and every order comes with a certificate of conformance from our business. Our products are listed below.

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O-rings are surprisingly simple to calculate. Simply calculate the o ring’s internal diameter (ID) or outside diameter (OD) as well as its width or cross section (C/S). The diagram shows where these measurements can be found. Once you have these measurements, you must determine if the size you need is AS568 inch sizes or whether a metric oring would provide the best match. It’s important to get a good fit when replacing an O-ring.
The two major forms of o-ring sizing are regular and metric. The standard was created for use in the United States, while the rest of the world uses metric measurements. The metric sizes are further broken down by area, with Europe and Japan being the most prominent.
Aerospace Standard AS568B, Aerospace Size Standard for O-rings, defines the standard sizes used by O-ring manufacturers in the United States. The Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) published a paper that lists the sizes of O-rings in six series or classes in both inches and millimeters. The first five series are based on the diameter of the cross-section. Boss seals are available in 20 different sizes in the sixth edition. Many military standards use the same sizes as well.