Armstrong mccall the colony

Armstrong mccall the colony

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Aside from a community church’s written history, the tales about Armstrong Colony tend to be oral family traditions passed down from generation to generation. Some reality fade away with time, and stories evolve. As a result, the author has made an attempt to write down all of the known recorded information. Hopefully, the descendants of the freedmen’s settlement’s founders will continue to tell the community’s rich oral history.
The Armstrong Colony is one of two freedmen’s colonies in Fayette County, located eight miles west of Flatonia in southwestern Fayette County near the point where Gonzales, Lavaca, and Fayette Counties meet. The other neighborhood is Cozy Corner, which is situated five miles south of La Grange at the intersection of FM 155 and Co. Rd. 3233.
Freedmen’s settlements were informal, independent rural communities of freed African-American landowners and land squatters, who were mostly farmers and stockmen, that primarily developed in the eastern half of Texas in the years after Emancipation. These settlements, which African-American settlers dubbed “freedom colonies,” were an outlier in Texas after the Civil War, when white elites quickly regained economic, political, and social influence, and sharecropping became common in an agricultural system that had previously relied on slave labor.

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