Arms reach cocoon recall

Arms reach cocoon recall

Baby in arms reach cocoon hammock

DD slept in an Amby Baby Motion Bed from the time she was born until she was around 7 months old. It was sent to me by my sister-in-law after she used it with her two youngest sons. I thought it was fantastic. At 5 weeks, DD slept 5 hours at night, and at 8 weeks, she slept 8 hours (easy for me to recall 😉 ). Dr. Sears used to highly recommend it, which is how my SIL learned about it.
In 2009, the Amby was recalled after two or three babies suffocated as it was tilted to the side and their faces were pressed against the fabric side. As I used it, I found that it was tilting, but I was able to keep it adjusted to correct the tilt. Early in 2010, Amby released a repair kit (which I now have). According to the CPSC, the company is no longer in operation and repair kits are no longer available, so anyone without one can stop using it.
Even with the repair kit, I’m not sure I’m comfortable using it with the new LO. As a result, I’m on the lookout for cost-effective alternatives. But I’m curious if all hammocks pose the same dangers. I’m aware of three babies that have survived the Amby, but I’m unaware of any others on the market.

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You might be shocked to find that, unlike cots, there is no Australian norm or legislation for bassinets and bedside sleepers. When purchasing one of these products, our expert reviews will provide you with peace of mind.
Since there is no Australian norm for bassinets, we developed our own approach based on a typical home environment to determine if the bassinet meets key safety criteria. We often use approaches that are based on other principles. For more details, see our article on how we measure.
To make it easier to walk around, the bassinet should have castors or wheels. At least two of the castors/wheels on all models have lockable brakes. Castors may be available as an optional extra on some models without them.
Except for a few details, a similar model is identical in most ways. This means that the majority of its test results are similar, so you can fairly expect the same results from the model we tested; however, we’ll mark those things that aren’t identical as “Not Tested” in the Compare tables.

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The Amby Baby Motion bed was recently recalled due to a hazard in the “side-to-side” shifting or tilting that can cause an infant to roll and become entrapped or wedged against the fabric and/or mattress pad of the hammock. Since the Amby product is suspended from the frame by a single spring, it can travel in any direction, including side to side, posing a danger.
The Arm’s Reach Beautiful Dreamer Cocoon Sleeper, on the other hand, differs from the Amby in that it has two springs that are 14 inches apart, stopping the mattress from tilting due to side to side movement. (The Amby, on the other hand, only has one spring.)

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We checked 15 baby sleeping bags purchased from online marketplaces, high-street shops, and leading brands’ websites, and 12 of them failed some of our safety checks. Just three bags – those from Asda, John Lewis, and Mamas & Papas – met all of the safety standards.
We found that all nine of the baby sleeping bags we purchased from sellers on AliExpress, Amazon Marketplace, eBay, Etsy, and Wish failed our safety checks. Also failing at least one of our checks were three bags from Aldi, Grobag, and Jojo Maman Bebe.
In our lab tests, this low-cost baby sleeping bag from Asda proved to be a healthy choice. The neck opening is the right size, the zippers are sturdy, and it passed all of the other safety tests with flying colors.
Twelve baby sleeping bags, including all nine purchased from online marketplaces AliExpress, Amazon Marketplace, eBay, Etsy, and Wish, were found to have safety issues during our extensive lab testing. We also discovered issues with bags from major retailers such as Aldi, Grobag, and JoJo Maman Bebe.