All students can shine

All students can shine

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**This FREEBIE contains four separate math games: addition 1-10 number bonds, addition 1-20 puzzles, subtraction (to 10) matching, and subtraction (to 20) spin & solve. The following is the complete bundle description: Make the most of your math centers by using ** This is a freebie sample. The resource’s full description can be found below. ** Warm-ups for reading are ideal for having the students ready to learn. These fluency worksheets can be used in a variety of ways. Students may train on their own.
In the classroom Chit Chit is a brilliant way to spice up your morning meeting. It’s also a fantastic fast and easy transition operation! This is a great tool for starting thoughtful and entertaining discussions in your classroom. Get the students involved.
With exit tickets, informal evaluation is the name of the game! They’re a fast and easy way to see what students know and don’t know about a particular topic. Students are under much less tension than they would be if they were taking a more formal quiz or exam.
This is a fun Thanksgiving Freebie for you and your students to use. It will not only encourage children to think critically about what they are grateful for and why, but it will also provide them with an opportunity to write and practice grade-level skills. All while gaining access to that

Let’s shine this year – a warm welcome to you dear

In Room 2, another very busy term is almost over. “All students have the potential to shine,” and the boys in Room 2 are no exception. Tyson is learning to communicate with his AAC system and enjoys saying hello every morning. In his gluing activity, Nawid did an excellent job of following instructions. It was also fun to watch Zubair put together a 26-piece puzzle on the whiteboard. Caleb is beaming as he acknowledges assistance learning to ride a bike, and Xavier is focused as he counts 10 rulers with a jig in his latest job ability. On a Wednesday afternoon, the students are having fun mixing with their buddy class (Room 8). Despite the fact that the space is very busy, it is wonderful to see all of the students involved and having a good time. We’re especially pleased with Zubair, who is learning to play UNO with the help of a visual. The other community engaged in white board activities, and it was wonderful to see Nawid sit and wait for his turn to trigger the computer. Thank you to parents for their continued help, and a special thank you to Deb, Manny, and Jason, the charismatic trio who work with the students and set up the class each day. Thank you to Jess, who also supports us on Wednesdays.

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What if schools provided every child with regular opportunities to do something that they excel at? What if, instead of concentrating solely on academic accomplishments, we celebrated all of our students’ special strengths and joys?
A classroom used to give me a lot of anxiety when I was a kid and teenager. Because of my academic success, I learned to feel at ease there. I was at ease by the time I arrived at college. I’m a naturally quiet observer who prefers to express myself by prose. These characteristics are well-suited to the silent rows and written evaluations that are so common in most schools. School was a place where I was able to succeed. However, I am aware that this is not the case for many students. For many too many students, school is a necessary evil.

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In these difficult times, the Earl of March Secondary School student wrote an original song to help raise the spirits of her classmates as they prepare to graduate. Although this may not be the senior year that students had hoped for, Ana-song Paola’s promises better days ahead and assures students that they will get through it together.
Ana-Paola has previously demonstrated her musical abilities by performing in Earl of March theatre productions, including a Cappies Award-winning appearance in last year’s Mamma Mia! Watch her perform Class of 2020 and read the lyrics after the video.
“We’re not alone, and we’ll get through this together!” she said when asked what message she wanted to convey with her album. I am confident in our class’s strength and commitment, and I am confident that we will benefit from the experience. The light will shine once more on us.”