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Sequence data supporting the findings of this study has been deposited in GISAID (https://www.gisaid.org/) under accession numbers EPI ISL 402124, EPI ISL 402127–EPI ISL 402130, and EPI ISL 402131; GenBank under accession numbers MN996527–MN996532; and the National Genomics Data Center, Beijing Institute of Genomics, Chinese Academy of Sciences (http
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In English, the letter a typically stands for the near-open front unrounded vowel (IPA(key): //), as in pad, the open back unrounded vowel (IPA(key): //), as in dad, or the diphthong IPA(key): /e/, as in ace, when followed by another vowel.
When the preposition an is accompanied by a masculine definite article, such as el or els, it is contracted to the forms al and als. When el is elided to the form l’ before a word that starts with a vowel, the elision to a l’ takes precedence over contracting to al.
When the prepositions a (“to”), con (“with”), de (“of, from”), and en (“in”) are followed by the definite article o (in all its forms), contractions are formed. Con a (“with the”) contracts to coa, and en a (“in the”) contracts to na, for example.
In addition, the definite article has a second form that can be interpreted as -lo/-la/-los/-las>, or it can be left blank. Its origin can be traced back to the pre-Galician-Portuguese era, when the last consonant of words ending in -s or -r was assimilated with the /l/ present in the article due to sandhi. So /owkomelokaldo/ (“I’m going to have my soup”) is represented by Vou comer o caldo or Vou come-lo caldo. This phenomenon, which is uncommon in Portuguese, is recorded in the Cantigas de Santa Maria, a collection of medieval Galician texts from the 13th century. 1st

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The letter A, or a, is the first letter of the modern English alphabet and the ISO simple Latin alphabet, as well as the first vowel letter.

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[two] In English, it is known as a (pronounced /e/), plural aes. [Note 1] It is shaped like the Ancient Greek letter alpha, from which it gets its name. [three] The two slanting sides of a triangle are crossed in the center by a horizontal bar in the uppercase edition. The lowercase variant comes in two variations: double-storey a and single-storey a. The latter is found in italic type and is widely used in handwriting and fonts based on it, particularly fonts intended for children.
The earliest known ancestor of “A” is aleph (also spelled “aleph”), the first letter of the Phoenician alphabet[4], which was entirely made up of consonants (for that reason, it is also called an abjad to distinguish it from a true alphabet). In turn, a pictogram of an ox head in proto-Sinaitic script[5] inspired by Egyptian hieroglyphs, styled as a triangular head with two horns extended, may have been the ancestor of aleph.

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According to chaos theory, the flap of a butterfly’s wings in one location will trigger a tornado in another. March was supposed to usher in an era of political stability in Spain, one month after Catalans went to the polls and with the next elections in Southern Andalusia set for December 2022. If the electoral war in Catalonia was over, a window of opportunity opened for consultation and collaboration, enabling the constitutional bodies to be renewed – some of them, including the Judicial Council, whose term had expired two and a half years ago – and allowing Catalonia to emerge from its years-long impasse. However, fact varies from fiction, and a series of sudden steps and countermoves have resulted in the demise of two regional governments and a snap election in Madrid. This election promises a bruising struggle between the two political blocs that have dominated Spanish politics since 2015, heightened by Vice-President Iglesias’ decision to resign from the government in order to run for president in Madrid. The result would have a major effect on national politics, deciding the fate of the majority of actors and ushering in a new political cycle in Spain.