A matter of honor book

A matter of honor book

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“Adam took one hand off the handlebars and, like a schoolboy the day before his birthday, fingered the envelope in his inside pocket, feeling the outline of a gift in the hopes of finding some hint as to its contents.”
This book came highly recommended by a friend who knows how much I enjoy historical fiction and thrillers/mysteries. And he was right: I always enjoy reading books set in nineteenth-century Europe, particularly those about WWI, WWII, or the Cold War. A Matter of Honour is set during the Cold War and tells the story of a hidden Soviet treasure that could give the Soviets the right to reclaim one of the United States’ states. Jeffrey Archer takes us on a journey through various European countries as the Soviets pursue the man who allegedly owns the painting containing the letter. Many who enjoy historical fiction and spy thrillers in general will find this a fascinating read.
All hell breaks loose as the Soviets discover the original painting was not lost in a plane crash. The document concealed inside the painting has the power to compel the Americans to sell one of their states, but it is only valid for another month… And they begin a desperate quest for the painting, which has been regarded as “missing” since the Revolution. Meanwhile, Adam Scott inherited an old packet from his father in the United Kingdom. He discovers a letter from the German Goering inside, promising his father something that has been deposited in a Swiss bank for him to collect. As you might expect, it has to do with the same painting that the Russians are looking for. As soon as he receives his package, the KGB assassinates his girlfriend and begins a manhunt for Adam… And soon, everybody is on the lookout for him in order to get their hands on the priceless painting. Will Adam be able to save his father’s honor by surviving death?

A matter of honor

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Adam plans to travel to Switzerland in order to retrieve the icon and get it appraised in the hopes of selling it. Major Alexander Romanov, a KGB agent, ambushes him and murders his German girlfriend Heidi while following Scott around the country. Romanov has been dispatched to obtain the icon by all means possible. Scott is suspected of murdering his girlfriend in Switzerland, making him a fugitive as he attempts to flee the country.
Scott hitches a ride with a touring drummer, Robin Beresford of the Royal Philharmonic Society, whose bus drops him off near Frankfurt, Germany. Scott is shot at by Romanov as he climbs his way to the highway, and he is slightly wounded. He travels with an English family who takes him back across the Swiss border and to Dijon, France. Scott drops the icon in Dijon, causing it to break open, revealing the Russian copy of the Alaska Purchase, signed by the tsar himself and dated June 20, 1966. Scott becomes even more determined to reach England as a result of this discovery. A call to London means a plane will land at a nearby disused aerodrome to pick him up. The previous English family drives him to the airfield, where six SAS soldiers board a plane. As the soldiers disembark and Scott boards the plane, Romanov and his aide launch an assault. The plane crashes shortly after takeoff due to damage to the fuel tank, and Scott and the wounded pilot go their separate ways. Romanov deceives the SAS soldiers and the American reinforcements into firing at each other. Valchek, his aide, is injured in the fighting and is ultimately put to death by Romanov.

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The audiobook by Jeffrey Archer is available here: LINK #1: [Jeffrey Archer’s A Matter of Honor] LINK #2: [Jeffrey Archer’s A Matter of Honor] DETAILS ABOUT THE BOOK: A bonus interview with author Jeffrey Archer is included. A disgraced British colonel leaves his only son a cryptic note. Adam Scott starts a deadly series of events the moment he opens the yellowing packet. Within days, he’s on the run from the KGB, the CIA, and even his own countrymen. And those closest to Adam are betrayed and discarded by powerful men plotting his demise. He’s even more determined to defend what he has as he knows what he has, and it’s more than a matter of life and death – it’s a matter of honor. Popular searches include the following: Jeffrey Archer’s A Matter of Honor AUDIOBOOK THE EBOOK BY JEFFREY ARCHER Download the PDF version of A Matter of Honor. AUDIOBOOK: A Matter of Honor DOWNLOAD THE PDF EBOOK OF A MATTER OF HONOR A Matter of Honor by Jeffrey Archer is available to read online from Macmillan Audio. Jeffrey Archer’s epub (PDF) book A Matter of Honor (PDF) Jeffrey Archer’s A Matter of Honor (mobi) Jeffrey Archer’s A Matter of Honor PDF lecture

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In his father’s will, Adam Scott, a British civilian, was left a letter with detailed instructions. He is excited to obtain this bequest, which he must retrieve from a Swiss bank, believing it to be an inheritance.
On the other side of the globe, the Russians are looking for an icon that is said to be the famous Tsar’s icon and contains a vital text. Was discovered within the time limit, it will alter the course of history. Alex Romanov has been entrusted with the responsibility of retrieving it.
Part One begins in Moscow’s Kremlin in May of 1966. After carbon dating revealed that the Rublev in their possession since before the Revolution at the Winter Palace is a fake, General Secretary Leonid Ilyich Brezhnev has ordered KGB Chairman Comrade Yuri Efimovich Zaborski to hunt for an initial Rublev. Brezhnev’s assumption that Tsar Nicholas II may have concealed a vital document in what they call “the symbol,” which is probably in the painting, in order to save his family from execution, prompts him to immediately involve State Security. Because it is a far more serious issue. Given that, according to the late Tsar’s testimony, only a month remains to turn the United States into a pawn on the Russian chessboard.