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The Unitron and Polarex brands’ flagship telescope was the 6 inch refractor. It was produced with institutions in mind as well as serious amateurs in mind. I discovered the following details about the launch and availability of the 6 inch UNITRON based on a study of available documents, mostly ads in Sky and Telescope magazine. As new information becomes available, this function will be modified.
The first commercial, from January 1955, teases “the first of a series of test versions of the upcoming UNITRON 6 inch refractor.” It defines it as a “complete observatory installation” with “every convenience for observing and astrophotography,” citing a 3″ guidescope, a large viewfinder, two astrocameras, around 10 eyepieces, a rotary eyepiece selector, and a spectroscope as examples.
In September 1957, the first photo of Hans Arber, a Swiss amateur astronomer, was taken in Manila, Philippines, with a pre-production model of the 6 inch Unitron. The story mentions “the small number of custom made Unitron 6″ Refractors now in active use,” as well as the fact that standard production versions are about to join them.

Jupiter through my 6 inch telescope – celestial

Mrs. Ruth Scott of Chrisman, Illinois, donated it in 1971. Solar filter, diagonal, slow motion, 60 mm guide telescope, 25 and 50 mm finders, and equatorial mount on heavy movable wooden tripod are all included. In 1971, it was worth $1,500. Jeslerski (1888-1944) is a man about whom little is known, and only a few of his telescopes have been documented. He was a Polish-born ethnic German who moved to Chicago. In the 1930s, he advertised in Popular Astronomy. Matches a package of four eyepieces, a right angle prism, and a Hershel wedge with the letters “TEJ” engraved on it.

Incredible six inch skywatcher startravel 150 f/8 refractor

The SkyWatcher Dobsonian 6 Inch Telescope 153mm/1200mm features a “parabolic” primary mirror that eliminates spherical aberration, as well as a four-arm secondary mirror bracket with fine supports (0.5mm thick) that reduces diffraction spikes and light loss. This model also comes with a 2′′ focuser and a 1.25′′ adapter, enabling you to use either eyepiece size. This model also has a new feature: tension control handles, which allow you to change the amount of friction you apply when using it.
John Dobson popularized a simple, elegant type of an alt-azimuth mount designed to hold a Newtonian reflector in the late 1970s. Because of its simplicity, the Dobsonian mounted telescope is the most common among amateur astronomers and telescope makers. Except for the big primary mirror at the bottom, the metal tube is nearly empty. The costly tripod found under most other telescopes is replaced by a ground-based frame, which still makes absolute pivot and swivel motions. As compared to equivalently-sized 6 inch SCT or refractor telescopes, this build saves hundreds of dollars, and you get the same degree of detail for a fraction of the price!

Incredible six inch skywatcher startravel 150 f/8 refractor

These scopes provide the best results, but mastering and appreciating them can require more skill. Their optics and mechanics are extremely precise. Some are simple to use, but they are wide or heavy. Some are planned for particular applications. These scopes would cater to those who are more technical. It is strongly advised that you consult the manual.
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