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The 455 used to run all the way down to Haymarket, but it was cut back to Wonderland after the bus massacre in July 2012. Trips to Wonderland were previously only available on weekends, but now it is available all year. That isn’t to say that the schedule has suffered as a result of the cuts; this is the bus that serves Salem the most frequently.
On weekdays, this path is synchronized with the 459 since they share local portions. The 455 and 459 represent a cleaner, more residential area than the 450 and 456, which pass through a section of Salem with trashy businesses and large parking lots. I’m not complaining in the least.
So we did the standard Salem bus loop, turning onto Congress Street and leaving the other routes behind. We passed the Shetland Office/Industrial Park after crossing a bridge. (I have no idea which is correct; the office is on the schedule, and the industrial is on the stop announcements.) We then turned onto Harbor Lane, a quaint residential street, and then back onto Lafayette Street.
There were a variety of homes, apartments, and architectural styles on this street. At this one intersection, there were a few really cute businesses. It wasn’t on a big thoroughfare or something, but the businesses appeared to be managed by locals. After that, the scenery was all houses before we came to a retail block on Loring Ave, which we turned on.

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• 176 Lafayette Street • 196 Lafayette Street • 210 Lafayette Street • 236 Lafayette Street • 260 Lafayette Street • Ocean Avenue • 312 Lafayette Street • Lafayette Street • Loring Avenue • 36 Loring Avenue • 69 Loring Avenue • 148 Loring Avenue • 156 Loring Avenue • 198 Loring Avenue

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As of September 1, 2019,

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How did you do it? This path is undergoing changes. Route 459 will be phased out and replaced with additional Route 455 service. VFW Parkway will be replaced by Revere St. in Revere. Wonderland will be the beginning and stopping point for all 455 services. The 455 charges a $1.70 Local Bus fare, which can be paid with monthly Local Bus passes or monthly LinkPasses. Changes in Service Map Learn more about the improvements to stops along this path by looking at this map. What Would You Expect You will take the 455, if you take the 459. After that, for service to… Taking the 455 to or from… What Motivates Us to Make This Change? We will provide more frequent service to the North Shore between Wonderland and Salem by reinvesting money from the 459 into the 455. We can provide riders with a quicker and more efficient trip through Revere by moving service from VFW Parkway to Revere St.
Project for a Better Bus
This route adjustment, as part of the Better Bus Project, helps us to better invest in long-term improvements including adding more buses, drivers, and garages.
Find out more about the Better Bus Project.

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1300 North Shore Road • 495 Revere Street • 382 Revere Street • 311-315 Revere Street • 240 Revere Street • Stowers Street • 163 Revere Street • 104 Hutchinson Street • 453 American Legion Highway • 985 Western Avenue • Ida Street • 911 Western Avenue • 3 Light Street • 784 Western Avenue • 754 Western Avenue