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Spencer, a struggling comic and hypochondriac, believes he’s dying due to a strange slew of symptoms. He travels cross-country to his quaint hometown in upstate New York, loaded with a binder full of WebMD printouts, to meet with his five childhood doctors in a single day, intending to take the red-eye back to L.A. that night without seeing any of his friends or relatives. Only Jay, the sweet, emotionally repressed townie Spencer persuades to push him around, is an exception. Spencer is prodded, dilated, and biopsied into believing that the cause of his symptoms and his motives for returning home could be more complex than he believed in “5 Doctors,” the tale of their increasingly disastrous day together.
A self-centered hypochondriac visits his quaint hometown in a single day to see all five of his childhood doctors, ignoring anyone from his past except his hapless former best friend, whom he enlists to drive him around.
Maybe it’s just not my kind of comedy, but I found this film to be dull and unfunny. I usually enjoy quirky comedies and don’t mind dry humor, but this one failed to impress me. My biggest issue, I believe, is that I dislike the protagonist. He isn’t funny, and he isn’t charismatic. Maybe this was supposed to be an indie drama? I’m not sure. I really wanted to like this film, but I’m afraid I can’t.

4 out of 5 doctors – waiting for a chance (usa 1980

4 Out of 5 Doctors was a power pop band from Washington, D.C. In 1980, they released an eponymous album, which was recorded by Alan Winstanley, and a follow-up album in 1982. (“Second Opinion”, produced by Jeff Glixman, producer for Black Sabbath in the 1980s). 1st The Doctors did a lot of touring in the United States. Their diverse songs and incredible musicianship earned them a cult following, and many musicians cite them as an influence. The Doctors appeared in a number of films in the early 1980s. After a 17-year hiatus, 4 Out of 5 Doctors reunited in the summer of 2008 for a sold-out performance at the Jammin Java club in Vienna, Virginia, and appeared at the 2008 Wammie Awards on February 15, 2009, at the State Theatre in Falls Church, Virginia.
The Doctors toured with Hall & Oates, Ritchie Blackmore, and Pat Travers, as well as opening for The Clash, The Cars, Cyndi Lauper, Steppenwolf, Jim Carroll, and others, according to band member Jeff Severson. [1] In the 1983 film The House on Sorority Row, 4 Out of 5 Doctors performed most of their songs (“Waiting for Roxanne,” “Mr Cool Shoes,” “Modern Guy,” “Waiting for a Change,” and “Dawn Patrol”), as well as two songs (“Not from Her World” and “Baby Go Bye Bye”[3]) in the 1980 film The Boogeyman. [number four] (5)

More doctors smoke camels than any other cigarette 2

“Nine out of ten doctors approve,” the brain interprets as “90 percent of doctors agree.” But it isn’t always the case; the sample size and population can be whatever the advertiser wishes, like a jury of just ten doctors being questioned (and cherrypicking doctors until they get the result they want).
Alternatively, the assertion may be valid, but what’s being claimed isn’t always the same as what’s being sold: pay attention. Did nine out of ten dentists actually say their brand of toothpaste was the best, or did they just agree that toothpaste is a good idea in general? Did they suggest that they would prefer this brand above all others, or only that they would recommend it?
In reality, once you realize that the nine out of ten doctors agree on something much more generic than what is being marketed, you may begin to wonder: What’s up with the one out of ten doctors who thinks smoking is cool?
As a consequence, it’s become trendy in recent years for some advertisements to mock the stereotype by suggesting that the tenth doctor might support their product if it weren’t for some external force (he was reaching for the “agree” button when a poisonous snake bit him, sending him into a convulsion before he could agree).

More doctors smoke camels than any other cigarette

We’ve put together this useful guide on the various types of primary doctors you can choose from to help you find the right doctor and understand the variations between primary care specialties.
Preventive services, such as annual physicals, screenings, and immunizations, may be offered by these physicians. They can also diagnose, treat, and control a variety of chronic diseases, such as hypertension and type 2 diabetes. What if your day is disrupted by sickness or injury? They can also assist with that.
Routine checkups with the same doctor will help detect health problems sooner, making you healthy, happier, and saving you money on medical bills. A primary care doctor will also expertly direct you on the next steps and link you with the right specialist if you need more advanced care for a health condition.
Many of these physicians have undergone thorough training in the care of a wide variety of medical conditions. However, each form of primary care physician has a unique history and emphasis. Some care for patients of all ages, while others focus on mothers, seniors, or infants. As a result, the best primary care doctor for you (or your family) is decided by your personal (or family’s) health care needs.