100 gates level 15

100 gates level 15

100 gates walkthrough level 15

Cliff Drop Apps (creators of 100 Floors 2013 and 100 Doors Between the Floors) has released 100 Gates 2013, a puzzle game. 100 Gates 2013 is an Android game that, like their other games, requires you to solve a puzzle in order to open the door and progress to the next level. “Logical thought and intuitive use of your phone and all of its capabilities!” are needed to solve the puzzles in this game. Using objects from your inventory to help you find the answer by swiping, tilting, pinching, and picking them up. You can also follow the steps in the walkthrough below.
14th level The response is: Tap the correct number of times and in the correct order on the items in the corners. The number of lines in each corner denotes the order in which you must tap the objects. Press the correct number of times on the following objects:
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100 gates level 11 – 20 solutions

Here is the 100 Gates Level 16 to Level 20 solution, which will help you with all of your 100 Gates issues. Level 16 is probably the most difficult in the game (along with level 19, most likely), but I’ve figured out how to solve it, as well as the rest of the levels, and I’m here to share my findings with you. So, without further ado, let’s look at the answer to 100 Gates Levels 16 to 20!
To switch the bow that is on the hearts, tilt the phone as shown below and then press the indicated Cupid statue on the sides when you are in the right spot. Here’s how to proceed, step by step:
When the fruits appear on the pan, tap them in the correct order, beginning with the apple. The proper sequence is as follows: Apple, Blueberry, Peach, Pear, Strawberry, Cherry, Banana, Watermelon, and Lemon are some of the fruits available. After that, tap the apple once more to unlock the door.
To cut the vines, take the knife and slip it over them. The code showed how many times you could tap the badges on the sides: tap the bottom left one once, don’t tap the top left one, tap the top right one three times, and tap the bottom right one twice. Tap and hold the sword until the level is over.

100 gates level 15 walkthrough

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100 gates – level 15 walkthrough / game guide / help / how

Trascinare la legna catasta per il camino, then agitare il dispositivo per accendere il fuoco To open the petto and reveal the shapes, toss it now. Now return the green to its original location in the upper left corner. The blue cerchio in the foreground, the giallo triangolo on the path’s sinistra, and the rosso pezzo are all located directly above the path.
These are centuries-old wishes that have caused my cervello to swell! As a result, there are two things to remember here: When you tilt your phone to make a cuori arc, the direction gli amorini are facing becomes clear. So here’s the deal:
You must chop the fruits in the following order on the plate: apple, mirtillo, pesca, pera, fragola, ciliegia, banana, anguria, limone, and so on. To hear a sound, simply press the mela against the symbol of the melee spettacoli and premuto. To begin, close the door and proceed.
Toccare the coltello and use it with a scorrimento movement to grab the viti. A code that shows how many times you can use the stemmi. Toccare in alto a destra tre volte e in basso a destra due volte, toccare il fondo a sinistra una volta, non toccare la parte superiore alla sinistra, toccare in alto a destra una volta, non toccare la parte superiore alla sinistra, toccare in alto a destra una volta, non toccare la parte Toccare e tenere la spada premuto fino a non obtenere il messaggio “More coming soon.”